FXPHD notepad start – NUK210 – NUKE IN PRODUCTION – Review

I guess I should write notes as long as I watch my FXPHD courses, and give reviews on them – that’ll help me to remember key points I liked most, and also for other people to get some opinion on different courses available.


I have already completed “NUK210 – NUKE IN PRODUCTION – I”. It’s a pretty simple course, about camera projections, then simple roto & simple key, 3d cards placement, with some warp transformations & stuff, some basics about color spaces (linear, log, srgb), then 3d keying with 3d plates placement, and post DOF & MB passes.

The samples don’t look too “production”, and are more simple, maybe because the course is old and simple too. It was boring for me to watch, and it was a good insomnia pill too, so I watched it 2X, (although I got a couple of points for myself, not so important to mention). Especially the laptop screen “reflection” gave me a good laugh.

Well, still it can be recommended to pure VFX noobies, who want to see what’s Nuke is all about, and what can be done in it, in a funny way.

Good tip: shortcut Shift+X to change A & B inputs of Merge and other nodes.

That’s short, for the start. More similar posts coming.


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